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Using Powerpoint to create and customise images

Powerpoint is a really useful tool for creating quick graphics or to make simple changes to existing images.  We’ll be writing about a series of posts on this over the next few months to help you use Powerpoint for e-learning. You’ll also find these tips useful if you put together text-based training material or regularly use images in a blog for example.

In this post we’re going to focus on clip art.  A lot of clip art looks clunky and old fashioned but with a couple of minor changes you can often transform it into something that looks fresh and fits with the feel of your course. This can get complicated if … Continue Reading

How To Resize A Batch Of Photo’s In A Flash

If you’ve ever spent time copying, renaming and resizing a boatload of photos or images for e-learning courses or powerpoints you’re going to love this tool.

I’ve recently been working with a client who often needs to resize a whole bunch of photo’s and wanted a faster way to do it. I did a bit of research and came across this great free tool called Photo Resizer from RW Designer which you can download free from here http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize
Note:  the downloader doesn’t put an icon on your desktop automatically so you’ll have to find it using windows explorer (or similar) then copy … Continue Reading

One simple tip to improve your presentations and webinars

Want to know how to communicate more effectively?
If you deliver any kind of presentations it’s likely that you have a favourite filler word or noise that you’ve got into the habit of using. You may not even realise you do it but your audience certainly will. And instead of really focussing on your presentation they will be distracted by these habits and could even miss crucial information.

Oooh. aahh. Errm, Ok. You know. Ummm
Does one of these fillers belong to you? Or maybe you have a favourite word that you overuse? (My personal favourite is actually.) … Continue Reading