Compliance Training – How To Keep Up With Changing Regulations

Compliance Training and e-learning
e-learning’s a great way for organisations to keep up with training on regulatory or legislative courses as you can roll out new courses to everyone straight away at little or no cost. You can also of course check that your learners have completed it and passed the assessment. Take a look at this article for more reasons why Organisations are turning to e-learning: 10 Benefits of e-learning

For example, there have been some changes to the UK Asbestos regulations recently – Control of Asbestos Risks 2012. We updated our Asbestos Awareness course to comply with the new regulations and our clients will receive this new course free of charge. It’s also very easy for them to roll out the training – no trainers to organise, no rooms to book, no budget authorisation required.

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)
Avoiding Bribery

DSE – Display Screen Equipment
Diversity, Equality & Discrimination
Data Protection Training
Lone Worker and Personal Safety

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