Online Learning? Is It Just For Office Workers?

e-learning for everyone!

It’s easy to understand why online courses work for people that already use computers at their desks. Computers are familiar and right there in front of them. What about those who don’t work at a PC?  

We’ve found that staff in depots or on the shop floor actually respond really well to learning online. Many of them have computers at home and use them for fun and informal learning already so accessing e-learning at work instead of going on a course can be a novelty. The reverse is of course true for many office workers - we enjoy going on a courses and having a nice lunch and a good chat are all part of it.  But, should that be the main consideration when choosing the best training course? And just because some people prefer classroom training – should they get to chooose a much more expensive option if a more cost effective one will do the job just as well? 

 e-learning won’t be the answer to all your training needs and performance issues. Choosing the right solution will of course depend on many factors but it is definately a very useful tool for organisational development and worth considering whenever you do have an identified training requirement.

e-learning works, especially if you need to rollout training quickly, want to deliver exactly the same course to everyone and make it easy for them to fit their learning around a heavy workload. Is it part of your training mix yet?

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