What is e-Learning?


Just what is e-learning anyway? Well, it depends who you ask.

E-learning to some is any training material delivered online. And the term really stands for electronic learning. So that would include webinars, screencasts, video’s and pdf’s and other online documentation. We would put some of that firmly in the ‘information’ category but it certainly has it place. Is it really e-learning though? Well, if you’re asking us – no.

If we’re giving you our definition then we might as well define good e-learning, rather than some of the stuff that would fit most definitions without delivering any useful outcomes.

Our definition of (good) e-learning is… an online method of training that combines good instructional design with engaging, interactive content and can also provide assessment and full tracking capabilities.

Because of the economic climate e-learning is experiencing a surge in popularity and if you’re looking to save money from your training budget it certainly ticks all the boxes but still lets you deliver the same level of training.  So you can cut your budget, not your curriculum.

  • No need for training rooms and catering
  • Less travel and accommodation costs
  • Less time away from your job
  • Can be done anywhere with an internet connection(home? Local library?)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces print costs
  • Courses always available, not just a one day training opportunity

But don’t just move into e-learning because it will save time, money and the environment! It isn’t the poor relation of the classroom. It can also be a very effective way to deliver training if you design and implement it properly. Furthermore using a blended learning approach for some key topic areas will make it easier for trainers and staff to adapt to the changes and still provide some of the efficiency savings above.

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