How To Waste Time

Time Management online courses

Ok, so you don’t really want to waste time but sometimes it’s easier to turn something on it’s head and look at what NOT to do. Here’s our upside down time management tips along with a special offer on time management training if you want to learn how to be more productive.

Write lists.
Lots of them. Once you’ve done that, build a spreadsheet for your list and make it look pretty. Work out how you’re going to prioritise and code it – leave no stone unturned!

Oops – did you just do something not on your list?
Don’t worry. Just type it in – you’ll get the immediate satisfaction of ticking it off as complete

Are you sure your list couldnt look a little bit better?
You know it can. Get working on a new spreadsheet even better than the first.

Is a list enough?
You dont just need a list – you need a system! Come to think of it maybe you should start researching project management software to improve your productivity…..

If you want to learn to stop frittering away your time and become more productive take a look at our Time Management courses. We’ve recently updated our online courses – all short but focussed (well we don’t want to waste your time!) ¬†with downloadable job aids and tools to help you get started.

Here’s the special offer bit: Usually the courses are ¬£25 per course per person but right now you can save yourself time and money. Buy any one course get the rest absolutely free! Offer ends 31 October 2013.

Here’s the details of what’s included in the courses and the offer:

Time Management e-learning – course details – special offer page

The courses included in this offer are:

  • Introduction to Time Management
  • Time Management: The Importance of setting goals
  • Time Management – Deciding Priorities
  • Time Management: Planning and Scheduling
  • Time Management: Managing Disruption and Staying Focussed

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