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Management skills – the key to growth

management training

Not many of us would argue against the importance of management skills yet training is often one of the first cuts when budgets come under pressure.  Why should organisations still  invest in Management Skills?

We all know that good managers will get better performance, loyalty and innovation from their team. Senior managers know this too. So why do 43% of managers rate their own line management performance as lacking? Why are more businesses not investing sufficiently in management training? 

The Department of Business Innovation, Skills and Leadership Management Network Group (you can see … Continue Reading

Appraisal Training – a Blended Approach

Why are many managers reluctant to carry out Appraisals? Well, there are of course many reasons but we’ve found that when it gets down to it most of them are nervous about it and don’t feel confident in their ability to handle difficulties that can crop up. 

Other reasons learners have raised with our trainers include:

  • Don’t fully understand the Appraisal scheme or find it too cumbersome.
  • Not on-board with the concept of Appraisal and Performance reviews and don’t see the benefits.
  • Equality and Diversity issues – unsure of what they should be saying where there are issues with absence or planned leave like maternity/paternity.
  • Find the … Continue Reading

“Our staff don’t like e-learning.”

” Our staff don’t like e-learning. They prefer face to face training.”

Well, if you have been known to utter these very words then I have great news for you. If you’re concerned about what people write on your training evaluation forms then here’s a suggestion. It’s a new training course that will virtually guarantee that you’ll see a dramatic improvement in feedback from your users. You’ll have learners banging your door down wanting to get on the course. It’s pretty straightforward, all you do is fly them somewhere exotic, with drinks and snacks on tap and an industry leading … Continue Reading

Implementing e-learning – Four Easy Wins


I always groan when football is on TV and I hear the manager of the losing side say “we had plenty of chances.” (Actually I generally groan when football is on the telly but that’s beside the point.) Where e-learning hasn’t worked or has failed to achieve its full potential there has usually been little or no integration with internal initiatives and processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to score!

Here’s a few ways to integrate e-learning with your … Continue Reading

Low Carbon Learning

We’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious. Recycling, not letting the water run too much when we brush out teeth, resisting the urge to print off all those emails and buy shiny new folders to hoard them in. But what about learning events? What impact do they have on your carbon footprint?

Let’s look at a typical scenario

An organisation needs to train 20 of their managers, who all work in a different city. The usual approach would be to buy in the services of a trainer, get all the managers together for a … Continue Reading