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Three Things Your Mum Probably Told You (and how they apply to learning)

“Don’t talk to Strangers”
Well, it worked when you were a kid but most adults talk to strangers all the time as part of their job. Sometimes we even meet up after chatting on LinkedIn or Twitter. (What would your mother say!) Some of us do it on our own with no one around to help us out if the stranger turns out to be “a baddie!” Lone workers often get no training in how to deal with difficult situations and are … Continue Reading

Personal Safety And The Small Business Owner

Personal safety
Would you give a complete stranger your phone number if you’d only met him 5 minutes earlier?

What about your home address?

Have you ever met someone face to face after a ‘chatting’ with them online?
We’re shocked when we hear that children and young people are doing this yet many of us do it without thinking – whilst we’re at work. When you set up your businesses I’m pretty sure that personal safety wasn’t high on your agenda. But, when you work for yourself in a … Continue Reading