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8 Reasons Training Managers Avoid e-Learning

e-learning avoidance tactic

Confession: this has been a fun post for me to write. I’ve been involved in e-learning sales and implementation in some capacity for around 13 years and many of the same objections to e-learning  come up time and again. My responses are mostly what I would like to say but am much too polite!  If I’ve spoken to you recently and you’ve proffered one of these comments, then I apologise but it’s not about you – really. They’ve all been … Continue Reading

Three Things Your Mum Probably Told You (and how they apply to learning)

“Don’t talk to Strangers”
Well, it worked when you were a kid but most adults talk to strangers all the time as part of their job. Sometimes we even meet up after chatting on LinkedIn or Twitter. (What would your mother say!) Some of us do it on our own with no one around to help us out if the stranger turns out to be “a baddie!” Lone workers often get no training in how to deal with difficult situations and are … Continue Reading