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What’s In A Name? Defining e-learning

e-learning defiinitions
There are numerous definitions of e-learning.  Some focus on how the learning is accessed and some on the media used to create it. Some are straightforward and concise like that of the oxford English dictionary and some are detailed like Clark and Mayers example. My personal favourite tops the list but other than that they are in no particular order. 

e-learning is…..

“The use of information and computer technologies to create learning experiences. ”
William Horton

“…essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge…” 

“…The delivery of a learning, training … Continue Reading

8 Reasons Training Managers Avoid e-Learning

e-learning avoidance tactic

Confession: this has been a fun post for me to write. I’ve been involved in e-learning sales and implementation in some capacity for around 13 years and many of the same objections to e-learning  come up time and again. My responses are mostly what I would like to say but am much too polite!  If I’ve spoken to you recently and you’ve proffered one of these comments, then I apologise but it’s not about you – really. They’ve all been … Continue Reading