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Management skills – the key to growth

management training

Not many of us would argue against the importance of management skills yet training is often one of the first cuts when budgets come under pressure.  Why should organisations still  invest in Management Skills?

We all know that good managers will get better performance, loyalty and innovation from their team. Senior managers know this too. So why do 43% of managers rate their own line management performance as lacking? Why are more businesses not investing sufficiently in management training? 

The Department of Business Innovation, Skills and Leadership Management Network Group (you can see … Continue Reading

Appraisals – How To Get Your Managers Up To Speed Fast

Appraisal and performance management course

It’s that time of the year again! Many organisations are carrying out their annual appraisals and performance development reviews at the moment. And of course the obligatory chasing up of some managers to encourage, remind and demand that they’re done – not necessarily in that order.

Appraisals are so important for motivation, performance management and staff development but we all know that they are ineffective and can even have a detrimental effect if done carelessly by managers who don’t ‘get’ their value. Make sure your managers … Continue Reading

How To Help De-Motivated Employees Get Back on Track

Many organisations have struggled due to the ‘challenging’ economic climate and even those not finding it tough have taken steps to cut costs and help ensure the viability of their business in future. This has inevitably led to redundancies, leaving a heavier workload for those who still have a job. These lucky employees have seen long term friends and colleagues leave and in many cases they are themselves left disgruntled and de-motivated.

Often the effect of redundancies on the remaining staff are underestimated by senior management and little effort is made to ensure that they are engaged and motivated. Management are often under a lot of pressure when this is all happening so it’s easy … Continue Reading

Recruiting? Here’s One Interview Question You Can’t Ask Anymore

Interview in progress

If (despite the doom and gloom out there) you’re recruiting staff for your business then you should know that there have been some significant changes to what you can and cannot ask following changes to UK law in October 2010. And one of them in particular may surprise you.

Some old favourites still persist though. Candidates at job interviews could pretty much guarantee to get asked three things below. In fact part of the reason some interviewers ask these or similar questions is to check … Continue Reading