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New e-learning authoring tool


What do you think? Will you find this useful to convert all those fantastic online courses you’ve been building?



Asbestos – The Hidden Killer

Asbestos Awareness training

The HSE estimate that up to 4000 people a year die from Asbestos related illnesses. That includes 20 tradesmen a week  -  approximately 8 joiners, 6 electricials and 4 plumbers die every week and many people are still unaware of the risks they face daily.  In the North East alone 1,446 people have died from mesothelioma (Asbestos related cancer.)   It can be hard to appreciate the danger when it might take 40 years to have an have an effect.

Up to nine million UK homes and one and a half million workplace properties have some … Continue Reading

Online Learning? Is It Just For Office Workers?

e-learning for everyone!

It’s easy to understand why online courses work for people that already use computers at their desks. Computers are familiar and right there in front of them. What about those who don’t work at a PC?  

We’ve found that staff in depots or on the shop floor actually respond really well to learning online. Many of them have computers at home and use them for fun and informal learning already so accessing e-learning at work instead of going on a course can be a novelty. The reverse is of course true for … Continue Reading

8 Reasons Training Managers Avoid e-Learning

e-learning avoidance tactic

Confession: this has been a fun post for me to write. I’ve been involved in e-learning sales and implementation in some capacity for around 13 years and many of the same objections to e-learning  come up time and again. My responses are mostly what I would like to say but am much too polite!  If I’ve spoken to you recently and you’ve proffered one of these comments, then I apologise but it’s not about you – really. They’ve all been … Continue Reading

e-learning – 6 ways manufacturers can take advantage of it

 manufacturers and e-learning

Manufacturers need to work smart to stay ahead of their competition. They innovate and take advantage of technology to improve efficiency and reduce waste.  Their processes are geared to minimise downtime and ensure staff are productive for as much of the working day as possible as well as reducing their impact on the environment. Is your training department keeping up with the pace of change?

In many of the north east companies I’ve been talking to recently … Continue Reading

10 Benefits of e-learning

Are you using e-learning now in your organisation? If you’re wondering if you should be here’s ten reasons why online training should form part of your learning and development strategy.

1. Reduces Costs
This is at the top of the list because it’s usually the main reason that organisations turn to e-learning. Often they’ll just look at the direct course costs like travel, accommodation, trainer fees, and course materials. Don’t forget the indirect course costs though. Staff still have to be paid, (at overtime rates in some cases.) e-learning usually … Continue Reading