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Spend to Save


Are you thinking about how to justify the spend on a new e-learning or training project?

Towards Maturity have some ideas on that:


1. Quantify the potential impact – don’t just concentrate on the technology and features

2. Align your learning strategy with the business

3. Leverage the experience of others

4. Position yourself for success – timing is everything


Take a look at the article from Towards Maturity here:




Key Drivers For e-learning

Time to change? Drivers for e-learning

We’re not suggesting that you replace all of your classroom training with e-learning but there are many reasons to include online methods your training mix. Here’s some of the key reasons why organisations turn to online learning.

1 Urgent training need for the masses
For larger organisations with staff in multiple locations e-learning can be the fastest and most effective way to deliver it. Many will have their own in house e-learning teams and develop content themselves but in some … Continue Reading

What’s In A Name? Defining e-learning

e-learning defiinitions
There are numerous definitions of e-learning.  Some focus on how the learning is accessed and some on the media used to create it. Some are straightforward and concise like that of the oxford English dictionary and some are detailed like Clark and Mayers example. My personal favourite tops the list but other than that they are in no particular order. 

e-learning is…..

“The use of information and computer technologies to create learning experiences. ”
William Horton

“…essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge…” 

“…The delivery of a learning, training … Continue Reading

Low Carbon Learning

We’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious. Recycling, not letting the water run too much when we brush out teeth, resisting the urge to print off all those emails and buy shiny new folders to hoard them in. But what about learning events? What impact do they have on your carbon footprint?

Let’s look at a typical scenario

An organisation needs to train 20 of their managers, who all work in a different city. The usual approach would be to buy in the services of a trainer, get all the managers together for a … Continue Reading

What is e-Learning?


Just what is e-learning anyway? Well, it depends who you ask.

E-learning to some is any training material delivered online. And the term really stands for electronic learning. So that would include webinars, screencasts, video’s and pdf’s and other online documentation. We would put some of that firmly in the ‘information’ category but it certainly has it place. Is it really e-learning though? Well, if you’re asking us – no.

If we’re giving you our definition then we might as well define good e-learning, rather than some of the stuff that would fit most definitions … Continue Reading