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Stress busting tips

Learn to manage your time and stress levels

As it’s National Stress Awareness day maybe we should all take 5 to think about our own stress levels. And if you wield a position of power at work (you wish!) then how are you managing stress in your workplace?

Take a look at ISMA’s top ten stress busting tips   Here’s a summary:

1. Learn to manage your time more effectively

2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

3. Know your limitations and do not take on too much

4. Find out what causes you stress

5. … Continue Reading

Are All Your Eggs In One Basket?

 elearning eggs

 At this time of the year there are chocolate eggs everywhere. Are you tempted to try something new or do you put your trust in the same old thing every year?

When it comes to training many organisations seem to put all their eggs in one basket and classroom training is usually the default. That’s understandable – it’s what people are used to and no one has to stick their neck out and do something different. But most of our budgets are under pressure so perhaps it’s … Continue Reading

Identifying and Avoiding Bribery in Organisations

Avoiding Bribery in Organisations

The Bribery Act became law on 1st July 2011 and prosecutions can be brought against companies if bribery is found to have taken place and they have not taken ‘adequate’ steps to prevent it.  Individuals can also be prosecuted and face up to 10 years in prison if they’re found guilty.  And it will be an expensive mistake too as fines are unlimited.

The act is not intended to stop corporate hospitality so you can still take that client out to dinner without fear of the police knocking your door … Continue Reading

Appraisals – How To Get Your Managers Up To Speed Fast

Appraisal and performance management course

It’s that time of the year again! Many organisations are carrying out their annual appraisals and performance development reviews at the moment. And of course the obligatory chasing up of some managers to encourage, remind and demand that they’re done – not necessarily in that order.

Appraisals are so important for motivation, performance management and staff development but we all know that they are ineffective and can even have a detrimental effect if done carelessly by managers who don’t ‘get’ their value. Make sure your managers … Continue Reading

DimDim’s Demise


Ok, so not demise as such. But not  ‘business as usual’ either.

As a Dim Dim user I was disapointed to get that email recently saying that Salesforce.com had bought them. And (surprise, surprise) no more free accounts! If you use this web conferencing tool and are looking for something to replace it then take a look at Jane Hart’s Live Tools.  She’s compiled a list of tools with some really useful information and some of those listed are also free. (Or free for small numbers of users anyway.)

Anyone … Continue Reading