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Implementing e-learning – Four Easy Wins


I always groan when football is on TV and I hear the manager of the losing side say “we had plenty of chances.” (Actually I generally groan when football is on the telly but that’s beside the point.) Where e-learning hasn’t worked or has failed to achieve its full potential there has usually been little or no integration with internal initiatives and processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to score!

Here’s a few ways to integrate e-learning with your … Continue Reading

Recruiting? Here’s One Interview Question You Can’t Ask Anymore

Interview in progress

If (despite the doom and gloom out there) you’re recruiting staff for your business then you should know that there have been some significant changes to what you can and cannot ask following changes to UK law in October 2010. And one of them in particular may surprise you.

Some old favourites still persist though. Candidates at job interviews could pretty much guarantee to get asked three things below. In fact part of the reason some interviewers ask these or similar questions is to check … Continue Reading