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Infographic – Adult Learning

As Infographics are a bit of a guilty pleasure around here I thought I’d post some of my favourite Learning and e-learning infographics on the blog.  Here’s the first one by Nicole Legault 

Key Drivers For e-learning

Time to change? Drivers for e-learning

We’re not suggesting that you replace all of your classroom training with e-learning but there are many reasons to include online methods your training mix. Here’s some of the key reasons why organisations turn to online learning.

1 Urgent training need for the masses
For larger organisations with staff in multiple locations e-learning can be the fastest and most effective way to deliver it. Many will have their own in house e-learning teams and develop content themselves but in some … Continue Reading

What’s In A Name? Defining e-learning

e-learning defiinitions
There are numerous definitions of e-learning.  Some focus on how the learning is accessed and some on the media used to create it. Some are straightforward and concise like that of the oxford English dictionary and some are detailed like Clark and Mayers example. My personal favourite tops the list but other than that they are in no particular order. 

e-learning is…..

“The use of information and computer technologies to create learning experiences. ”
William Horton

“…essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge…” 

“…The delivery of a learning, training … Continue Reading

Keeping Up With Employment Law Changes

The following is a roundup of  key changes to employment law for 2011. It’s vital that business owners and managers are aware of these changes to ensure that they don’t fall foul of them. For some of the new acts like Bribery and the Equality Act for example it’s important that all staff understand their implications.

Equality Act

This came into effect in October 2010 and many employers are still working on getting their staff up to speed with the changes. The Equality Act brings together several pieces of existing legislation with some significant changes and additions. For example, if an employer is undertaking a recruitment or … Continue Reading

Online Learning? Is It Just For Office Workers?

e-learning for everyone!

It’s easy to understand why online courses work for people that already use computers at their desks. Computers are familiar and right there in front of them. What about those who don’t work at a PC?  

We’ve found that staff in depots or on the shop floor actually respond really well to learning online. Many of them have computers at home and use them for fun and informal learning already so accessing e-learning at work instead of going on a course can be a novelty. The reverse is of course true for … Continue Reading

8 Reasons Training Managers Avoid e-Learning

e-learning avoidance tactic

Confession: this has been a fun post for me to write. I’ve been involved in e-learning sales and implementation in some capacity for around 13 years and many of the same objections to e-learning  come up time and again. My responses are mostly what I would like to say but am much too polite!  If I’ve spoken to you recently and you’ve proffered one of these comments, then I apologise but it’s not about you – really. They’ve all been … Continue Reading

Adult Learners’ Week 2011

Adult Learners' Week

Adult Learners week is a great way to get people engaging in a wider range of learning opportunities. Last year  around 100, 000 people got involved. This year Adult Learners Week  is celebrating it’s 20th year so why not get involved? It’s from 14th – 20 th May and you’ll find lots of ideas on their website.

I’ve worked with many employers in the North East over the years who have used Adult Learners’ Week to good effect. It’s a great time to introduce e-learning … Continue Reading

“Our staff don’t like e-learning.”

” Our staff don’t like e-learning. They prefer face to face training.”

Well, if you have been known to utter these very words then I have great news for you. If you’re concerned about what people write on your training evaluation forms then here’s a suggestion. It’s a new training course that will virtually guarantee that you’ll see a dramatic improvement in feedback from your users. You’ll have learners banging your door down wanting to get on the course. It’s pretty straightforward, all you do is fly them somewhere exotic, with drinks and snacks on tap and an industry leading … Continue Reading

How To Help De-Motivated Employees Get Back on Track

Many organisations have struggled due to the ‘challenging’ economic climate and even those not finding it tough have taken steps to cut costs and help ensure the viability of their business in future. This has inevitably led to redundancies, leaving a heavier workload for those who still have a job. These lucky employees have seen long term friends and colleagues leave and in many cases they are themselves left disgruntled and de-motivated.

Often the effect of redundancies on the remaining staff are underestimated by senior management and little effort is made to ensure that they are engaged and motivated. Management are often under a lot of pressure when this is all happening so it’s easy … Continue Reading

DimDim’s Demise


Ok, so not demise as such. But not  ‘business as usual’ either.

As a Dim Dim user I was disapointed to get that email recently saying that Salesforce.com had bought them. And (surprise, surprise) no more free accounts! If you use this web conferencing tool and are looking for something to replace it then take a look at Jane Hart’s Live Tools.  She’s compiled a list of tools with some really useful information and some of those listed are also free. (Or free for small numbers of users anyway.)

Anyone … Continue Reading