Management skills – the key to growth

management training

Not many of us would argue against the importance of management skills yet training is often one of the first cuts when budgets come under pressure.  Why should organisations still  invest in Management Skills?

We all know that good managers will get better performance, loyalty and innovation from their team. Senior managers know this too. So why do 43% of managers rate their own line management performance as lacking? Why are more businesses not investing sufficiently in management training? 

The Department of Business Innovation, Skills and Leadership Management Network Group (you can see why they shorten it to LMNG) have produced an excellent report that looks at the evidence for  business performance and growth through good management skills. You can download the report here: LMNG Report: Leadership & Management in the UK – The Key To Sustainable Growth

The report states that some businesses don’t find management training very flexible in terms of  content or delivery and find it difficult to release staff. A separate CIPD report produced recently also indicated that many employers are clinging to outdated training methods. You can read their Learning & Talent Development report for more information.

e-learning and blended learning methods can help you do more management training with less money and in less time. For example Appraisal training can be delivered very effectively with e-learning and a workshop to practice scenerios and discuss key issues with other managers.

Is it time for you to look to more effective and flexible ways to train your managers?

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