Appraisal Training – a Blended Approach

Why are many managers reluctant to carry out Appraisals? Well, there are of course many reasons but we’ve found that when it gets down to it most of them are nervous about it and don’t feel confident in their ability to handle difficulties that can crop up. 

Other reasons learners have raised with our trainers include:

  • Don’t fully understand the Appraisal scheme or find it too cumbersome.
  • Not on-board with the concept of Appraisal and Performance reviews and don’t see the benefits.
  • Equality and Diversity issues – unsure of what they should be saying where there are issues with absence or planned leave like maternity/paternity.
  • Find the grading of performance difficult and managing the difference in perception between appraisee and appraisor

For example, in one scenario we explore in our workshops is Appraisal for a woman going on maternity leave. She is a good member of the team who is performing well and there are no issues – other than an impending maternity leave. This is the most straightforward of all the scenarios we look at, yet this is consistently the one that managers find the most difficult to deal with.

We provide three options for Appraisal training – classroom, online and the third option is a combination of the two methods and this is proving most effective for learners and for our client organisations. Less time in front of a trainer of course means less cost but the combination of learning methods, the flexibility and the longer timespan for study also aids learning transfer and retention.  It’s also very effective because learners come to the workshop with the same base knowledge and are ready to put their learning into practice. They have questions and additional areas that they want to explore as they’ve had time to mull over theory and scenarios from the e-learning.  It’s also easier to fit around a heavy workload as the online modules can be accessed when it suits them.

Here’s what some recent learners had to say about the programme:

“Really liked the modern learning approach”

“It’s great to have this training now and know that I can do some top-up training online just before the next round of Appraisals”

“It was refreshing to attend a new course on Appraisals. It allowed me to draw on my experience and add to it.”

“Great combination of e-learning, written materials and workshop.”

“It was most useful to have the ability to do parts of the course in my own time.”

Would you like to find out more about our approach to Appraisal training? You’ll find more info on e-learning courses here: Appraisal Training. If you’d like more information on blended learning options then please get in touch on 0845 644 8312 or drop us a line at

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