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Special Offer - Time Management Series

We're all pushed for time but why are some people more effective and others stressed out with work piling up around them? Good time management helps you achieve your goals and reduces your stress levels. If you want to be more effecient and effective then our time management courses are a great place to start. 

Our fantastic special offer means you'll save money as well as time!

Special Offer - Time Management Series

Time is a finite resource and once used cannot be retrieved. Everyone has exactly the same amount of time each day, so how well it is used will figure highly in defining levels of job performance.  For these reasons, the ability to analyse how time is spent, identify poor use and then effectively plan and schedule time usage in the future is essential, especially for busy people..

Special Offer details: Usually these courses are £25 per person but until the end of the year you'll get five courses for the price of one. That's four courses completely free of charge!  The Time Management courses included in the offer are:

An introduction to Time Management
Time management problems; the symptoms;What is time management?; To-do lists;Personal goals;Prioritising tasks;Managing distractions;Combined discrimination; Avoiding procrastination;Avoiding task overload;Taking breaks

Time Management: Setting Goals
Why you should set goals; How to set goals;How to stay on course; How to use SMARTER goals;Common goal-setting mistakes;What to do when you achieve your goals

Time Management: Deciding Priorities
The definition of prioritising;Basic prioritisation; False prioritising and false urgency; Prioritisation tools

Time Management: Planning and Scheduling
What we mean by planning and scheduling; The reasons for, and benefits of, keeping an activity log; How to create an activity log; The purpose of a ‘to-do’ list; How to use a ‘to-do’ list; The key features of an effective scheduling tool

Time Management: Managing Disruption
Interruption logging;Reducing the disruption caused by emails, instant messaging, phone calls,the internet and other people;Operating an open-door policy properly;Dealing with uncontrollable interruptions;Reducing the disrupting effects of the working

All these courses for £25 + VAT. Order today and have
12 months access to the courses. Courses must be ordered
and accessed before 31 December 2014

ePowered Learning Ltd reserve the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time.

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