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What is Blended Learning?

It can be any training programme that uses different tools or methods to teach the same subject but the term ‘blended learning’ is usually used to describe a training course which combines both online learning (elearning  or webinar) and classroom training.

Click here for an overview of blended learning.

blended learning

Benefits of blended learning include:

  • Practice and reflection time built in
  • Increases learning as multiple learning methods are used (repetition, learning styles, practice)
  • Theory can be covered online with trainers facilitating role play, practice
  • Cuts costs: room hire, trainers and time
  • Combines the benefits of classroom training with flexibility of the web
  • Great way to introduce online learning methods, which can be increased as people become more familiar with them

Our blended learning services:

  • Programme design
  • Blended learning courses (can be customised.)
  • Supply of generic or bespoke e-learning content and other materials for you to use with your internal workshops





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