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Induction is one of those things that no one seems to want to do. It's so often focussed on the mundane. Policies and procedures, safety, corporate guidelines. The stuff that just has to be covered before the real work can begin.

If this sounds like your induction - STOP! This is a golden opportunity. A once-only time to make a great first impression.  You harness all that newbie motivation and direct it to the key strategic issues in your organisation. Yes, you still need to cover the policy and safety topics but you can make it a bit more exciting! Even if your induction happens to be *brilliant* the same people are usually delivering the same stuff over and over again. And lets face it that gets a bit boring after a while.  With e-learning you only need to do this once, then you have an engaging programme for new starters.

Here are just some of the things you could do:

  • Chief exec's vision and personal translation of the strategic goals
  • Customer experiences and their impression of the company
  • Staff experiences - recent starters, lifers and high achievers!
  • Department overviews - with input from key people
  • Product showcase
  • Good practice examples
  • Systems training
  • Product training

Oh and one more thing. With online learning you can get new starters or contract workers up to speed on Health and Safety before they even set foot on your site.

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