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Appraisals – How To Get Your Managers Up To Speed Fast

Appraisal and performance management course

It’s that time of the year again! Many organisations are carrying out their annual appraisals and performance development reviews at the moment. And of course the obligatory chasing up of some managers to encourage, remind and demand that they’re done – not necessarily in that order.

Appraisals are so important for motivation, performance management and staff development but we all know that they are ineffective and can even have a detrimental effect if done carelessly by managers who don’t ‘get’ their value. Make sure your managers … Continue Reading

Implementing e-learning – Four Easy Wins


I always groan when football is on TV and I hear the manager of the losing side say “we had plenty of chances.” (Actually I generally groan when football is on the telly but that’s beside the point.) Where e-learning hasn’t worked or has failed to achieve its full potential there has usually been little or no integration with internal initiatives and processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to score!

Here’s a few ways to integrate e-learning with your … Continue Reading