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Stress busting tips

Learn to manage your time and stress levels

As it’s National Stress Awareness day maybe we should all take 5 to think about our own stress levels. And if you wield a position of power at work (you wish!) then how are you managing stress in your workplace?

Take a look at ISMA’s top ten stress busting tips   Here’s a summary:

1. Learn to manage your time more effectively

2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

3. Know your limitations and do not take on too much

4. Find out what causes you stress

5. … Continue Reading

Spend to Save


Are you thinking about how to justify the spend on a new e-learning or training project?

Towards Maturity have some ideas on that:


1. Quantify the potential impact – don’t just concentrate on the technology and features

2. Align your learning strategy with the business

3. Leverage the experience of others

4. Position yourself for success – timing is everything


Take a look at the article from Towards Maturity here:




Are All Your Eggs In One Basket?

 elearning eggs

 At this time of the year there are chocolate eggs everywhere. Are you tempted to try something new or do you put your trust in the same old thing every year?

When it comes to training many organisations seem to put all their eggs in one basket and classroom training is usually the default. That’s understandable – it’s what people are used to and no one has to stick their neck out and do something different. But most of our budgets are under pressure so perhaps it’s … Continue Reading

Infographic – Adult Learning

As Infographics are a bit of a guilty pleasure around here I thought I’d post some of my favourite Learning and e-learning infographics on the blog.  Here’s the first one by Nicole Legault 

Management skills – the key to growth

management training

Not many of us would argue against the importance of management skills yet training is often one of the first cuts when budgets come under pressure.  Why should organisations still  invest in Management Skills?

We all know that good managers will get better performance, loyalty and innovation from their team. Senior managers know this too. So why do 43% of managers rate their own line management performance as lacking? Why are more businesses not investing sufficiently in management training? 

The Department of Business Innovation, Skills and Leadership Management Network Group (you can see … Continue Reading

Compliance Training – How To Keep Up With Changing Regulations

Compliance Training and e-learning
e-learning’s a great way for organisations to keep up with training on regulatory or legislative courses as you can roll out new courses to everyone straight away at little or no cost. You can also of course check that your learners have completed it and passed the assessment. Take a look at this article for more reasons why Organisations are turning to e-learning: 10 Benefits of e-learning

For example, there have been some changes to the UK Asbestos regulations recently – … Continue Reading

Coaching And Management Training – Interview With Liz Scott

Coaching for Performance - Liz Scott & Flow Learning
Liz Scott specialises in improving business performance through management training, coaching and mentoring. She’s also the lead trainer on our new blended learning programme ‘Coaching for Performance’ which includes e-learning, tutor support and classroom sessions.

We asked her some questions about how coaching fits into business performance and if it should be something organisations spend money on in times of recession.



Q .  Most training budgets are under pressure at the moment so it coaching really a priority?

The major benefit of coaching … Continue Reading

Key Drivers For e-learning

Time to change? Drivers for e-learning

We’re not suggesting that you replace all of your classroom training with e-learning but there are many reasons to include online methods your training mix. Here’s some of the key reasons why organisations turn to online learning.

1 Urgent training need for the masses
For larger organisations with staff in multiple locations e-learning can be the fastest and most effective way to deliver it. Many will have their own in house e-learning teams and develop content themselves but in some … Continue Reading

Learning and Development – The Way Forward

Jane Hart, author of The Social Learning Handbook,  has updated her excellent “State of Learning in the Workplace today” and if you work in the training sector then get yourself a cuppa have a good read – it’s well worth your time.

 In the article Jane lists 20 reasons that Learning & Development departments need to change together with some useful links if you’d like to delve deeper into any of the points raised. She goes on to list the following as the way forward for Learning and Development:

Learning and Development – The Way Forward

  1. It needs to re-focus its activities, and provide … Continue Reading

Online Learning? Is It Just For Office Workers?

e-learning for everyone!

It’s easy to understand why online courses work for people that already use computers at their desks. Computers are familiar and right there in front of them. What about those who don’t work at a PC?  

We’ve found that staff in depots or on the shop floor actually respond really well to learning online. Many of them have computers at home and use them for fun and informal learning already so accessing e-learning at work instead of going on a course can be a novelty. The reverse is of course true for … Continue Reading