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Recruiting? Here’s One Interview Question You Can’t Ask Anymore

Interview in progress

If (despite the doom and gloom out there) you’re recruiting staff for your business then you should know that there have been some significant changes to what you can and cannot ask following changes to UK law in October 2010. And one of them in particular may surprise you.

Some old favourites still persist though. Candidates at job interviews could pretty much guarantee to get asked three things below. In fact part of the reason some interviewers ask these or similar questions is to check … Continue Reading

State of the Nation – Uk e-Learning Market 2010

A new report has been published this month by Sheffield based Learning Light based on research and interviews from 40 organisations. Although focussed on the UK, the report also looks into the status and potential of the European e-learning market.

Learning Light estimate that the e-learning market will be worth £472 million this year which represents growth of 4.76% on 2009.

One thing perplexing is perplexing the authors of the report though: ” …given the widespread acknowledgement that e-learning is now both effective and engaging why we are not seeing a greater drive toward the adoption of e-learning by corporate leadership?”

The … Continue Reading

Top 100 Tools For Learning 2010

Jane Hart recently completed her 2010 list of the top 100 tools for learning 2010 and it’s well worth a look. Over 500 people contributed to the list by sending Jane their top 10 learning tools and last year’s list got an amazing 90,000 views on slideshare!

Here’s a link to Jane’s post: http://janeknight.typepad.com/pick/2010/10/top-100-tools-for-learning-2010-list-presentation-and-more.html

Or take a look at her presentation here:
Top100 Tools for Learning 2010View more … Continue Reading

5 Steps To Turn Your Managers Into e-Learning Champions

If you’ve had experience of rolling out new training initiatives you’ll already know that getting your management team on board is crucial. When it comes to e-learning, it simply won’t succeed in the long term without their support.

Staff need to know that it’s ok to learn at work. Sounds obvious but do people really feel comfortable brushing up on their skills in a busy office? Especially on a topic they haven’t been asked to learn. If management are not seen to support e-learning then the answer is, probably no. e-learning works best when managers … Continue Reading

What is e-Learning?


Just what is e-learning anyway? Well, it depends who you ask.

E-learning to some is any training material delivered online. And the term really stands for electronic learning. So that would include webinars, screencasts, video’s and pdf’s and other online documentation. We would put some of that firmly in the ‘information’ category but it certainly has it place. Is it really e-learning though? Well, if you’re asking us – no.

If we’re giving you our definition then we might as well define good e-learning, rather than some of the stuff that would fit most definitions … Continue Reading