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How To Waste Time

Time Management online courses

Ok, so you don’t really want to waste time but sometimes it’s easier to turn something on it’s head and look at what NOT to do. Here’s our upside down time management tips along with a special offer on time management training if you want to learn how to be more productive.

Write lists.
Lots of them. Once you’ve done that, build a spreadsheet for your list and make it look pretty. Work out how you’re going to prioritise and code it – leave no stone … Continue Reading

Preventing Bullying at Work

It’s Anti-Bullying Week  so school children across the country are getting involved in activities to highlight how damaging bullying is and to help stamp it out. You can find resources for school aged children here:  Beat Bullying

Bullying in the workplace is also of course very damaging to adults and the organisations that they work in. In fact bullying is responsible for 30% – 50% of all stress-related illness in the workplace and costs employers up to £2 billion in lost revenue every year.

Continue Reading

World Book Day – Grab Yourself a Free Book Token

Free Book Token with each e-learning bundle - World Book Day


Happy World Book Day!

If you have school-age children you’ve probably been making something with them to take to school or dressing them up to celebrate World Book Day. My daughter’s school are having a hat competition and we had great fun making this hat inspired by ‘The Snail and The Whale’  by Julia Donaldson – it’s one of my favourite books to read to read to the kids.

Here’s some pics of our contribution:… Continue Reading

Appraisal Training – a Blended Approach

Why are many managers reluctant to carry out Appraisals? Well, there are of course many reasons but we’ve found that when it gets down to it most of them are nervous about it and don’t feel confident in their ability to handle difficulties that can crop up. 

Other reasons learners have raised with our trainers include:

  • Don’t fully understand the Appraisal scheme or find it too cumbersome.
  • Not on-board with the concept of Appraisal and Performance reviews and don’t see the benefits.
  • Equality and Diversity issues – unsure of what they should be saying where there are issues with absence or planned leave like maternity/paternity.
  • Find the … Continue Reading

Identifying and Avoiding Bribery in Organisations

Avoiding Bribery in Organisations

The Bribery Act became law on 1st July 2011 and prosecutions can be brought against companies if bribery is found to have taken place and they have not taken ‘adequate’ steps to prevent it.  Individuals can also be prosecuted and face up to 10 years in prison if they’re found guilty.  And it will be an expensive mistake too as fines are unlimited.

The act is not intended to stop corporate hospitality so you can still take that client out to dinner without fear of the police knocking your door … Continue Reading

Appraisals – How To Get Your Managers Up To Speed Fast

Appraisal and performance management course

It’s that time of the year again! Many organisations are carrying out their annual appraisals and performance development reviews at the moment. And of course the obligatory chasing up of some managers to encourage, remind and demand that they’re done – not necessarily in that order.

Appraisals are so important for motivation, performance management and staff development but we all know that they are ineffective and can even have a detrimental effect if done carelessly by managers who don’t ‘get’ their value. Make sure your managers … Continue Reading

Three Things Your Mum Probably Told You (and how they apply to learning)

“Don’t talk to Strangers”
Well, it worked when you were a kid but most adults talk to strangers all the time as part of their job. Sometimes we even meet up after chatting on LinkedIn or Twitter. (What would your mother say!) Some of us do it on our own with no one around to help us out if the stranger turns out to be “a baddie!” Lone workers often get no training in how to deal with difficult situations and are … Continue Reading

Personal Safety And The Small Business Owner

Personal safety
Would you give a complete stranger your phone number if you’d only met him 5 minutes earlier?

What about your home address?

Have you ever met someone face to face after a ‘chatting’ with them online?
We’re shocked when we hear that children and young people are doing this yet many of us do it without thinking – whilst we’re at work. When you set up your businesses I’m pretty sure that personal safety wasn’t high on your agenda. But, when you work for yourself in a … Continue Reading